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Garden Pond Design & Construction Guide
Garden pond guide provides useful information about pond design and construction, as well as about planning impressive water gardens with pond stream, waterfall, garden pond statues and fountains - including vital instructions about fish diseases and pond care. Great information about urban gardening. Lots of great plant photos.


video for growing organic food 

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Easy Step by Step instuctional video and book for growing food in your own backyard. Get your guide to Food4Weath by Jonathan White.



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Organic & Natural resources for the environmentally conscious.
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Go organic garden! Read information and stories on organic gardening, find safe and effective pesticide and herbicide recipes, and learn how to garden the natural way.

Your #1 resource for all your Gazebos needs


  Emilys Plants - gifts and plants for the organic gardener 

Visit Emily's Plants, your best online resource for house plants and herbs, bonsai trees, container gardens, and gardening gifts.

organic fertilizer - organic fertilizer and recycling efforts increase awareness, respect, and care for this planet and all its inhabitants

Gardening Tools
Over 1000 gardening supplies and tools at low prices.

  Organic food and gardening
The site for everyone who wants to eat and live organically: why going organic is good for you and good for the environment  You'll find valuable tips, information, articles and resources on how to grow your own productive organic vegetable garden - plus a free composting guide.


  add garlic to your organic garden  simplegardensexposed blog    

Learn how to grow garlic and do gardening the simple way from a farmer and produce manager.



Organic Gardening - A guide to organic gardening - information on plants, soil preparation, fertilizing, mulching and more! 





Learn How You Can Make Money With Organic Gardening

  Here is a new book that is highly recommended by those who are serious about MAKING MONEY WITH ORGANIC GARDENING. This book is highly researched, but it's very easy to read, honest and very straightforward. It is of great value for your money. It also comes with some valuable free bonuses that you will also gain from and enjoy. So, if you are serious about making money with your organic garden, this book is top notch. Written by Peter Tremayne. click here to visit his website.


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 George Washington Carver's gardening classic