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Organic Food Is the Better Choice

Organic Really Is the Better and Healthiest Choice

Have you ever wondered if eating organic foods is really worth it? What makes organic food so special. What's all the hype about organic and natural food and what exactly do these terms mean anyway?

When we shop in the grocery stores we constantly see signs and labels posted everywhere labeling food as organic, natural and no hormones. Well let's find out what all this mean.

Natural is a term associated with a number of fruit and vegetable products. Typically, this is a simple marketing ploy to convince us to buy the product. All fruits and vegetables are natural unless they are processed.

Another label we see is no hormones. I always wondered about this one because I thought every animal had hormones. Ususally this is in reference to milk and meat products and it's not true because all animals naturally produce hormones. Hormones are what helps animals regulate body organs, enables them to reproduce and function. By the way, it works the same for humans. All meat products have hormones.

So what do those labels mean by no hormones? The labels really mean no hormones were unnaturally given to the animals. There were no aritificial hormones injected into the animals or given in their food.

Sometimes this is done to increase milk production. Regardless of hormones, however, the milk and meat is safe for a person and is not in violation of animal rights.

Organic foods are grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. There are two main benefits to organic foods. One is, we are avoiding ingesting chemicals, which is definitely a health benefit. Second, we are helping the environment because those chemicals are not being introduced into nature.

Val Thomas, 9/25/09

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