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Simple Basics Steps To Begin Organic Gardening

You can start your own organic garden today, following some easy, basic instructions. Starting your own organic garden can be a delight if you know the basics.

What is organic gardening?

Organic gardening is the same as regular gardening except it requires more attention to the soil and needs of the plants. It is a method of gardening that is free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It works with nature to ensure you get the best harvest of plants and flowers usingnatural ecosystems.

 A variety of different types of plants is a good idea to keep pests of a particular plant type from taking out the entire garden.

One of the best ways to defend against insects is to make your garden enticing to insect predators, such as ladybugs, birds, frogs and lizards. You can do this by keeping a water source nearby or by growing plants that attract insects who feed on nectar. 

This land is very important when considering an organic food garden. The soil will be nutured using organic matter that consists of animal manure and decayed plant waste. Feeding your garden with this type of matter will improve it and strengthen it.

One of the things that new gardeners are concerned about is pests and garden diseases, especially since there is no use of chemical compounds.
There are organic pesticides, but bugs in your garden do not mean you immediately rush to get rid of them. Depending on the type and severity of the problem will determine how it is to be treated.

For the best garden use natural and organic means of controlling bugs and pests and natural, organic methods of fertilizing the soil. Adding organic matter to the soil keeps it productive.

The ideal soil has a sweet smell, is dark in color and has lots of earthworms. Some soil may need more natural additives such as bone meal, rock phosphates or greensand.

There is no use of synthetic or chemical type pesticides or insecticides and fertilizers. Vegetable and animal fertilizers are mainly used. This can make certain aspects difficult, such as controlling disease, insects and weeds. The best garden is only as good as the soil that it's grown in.

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Why An Organic Garden?

Organic Gardening is on the rise because many people are finding out the benefits of eating organically grown food.

This type of garden produce vegetables and fruits that are grown and handled naturally, but they can be expensive to us, the consumer. While we love the taste of the food produced by organic gardens, we certainly do not enjoy the prices.

Starting your own garden can not only save money, but you will also enjoy the experience of gardening and eating food that is organically safe. Once you start to grow your own vegetables and fruits you will also began to enjoy morehealthy family cooking and recipes that will certainly benefit your body.

It is also an excellent way to teach kids about gardening and the importance of protecting our environment.

Organic gardening does not have to require a lot of work. Choose your plants according to the environment.


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Once you learn the simple basics of organic gardening you can begin to produce healthy organic food all year round in addition to eliminating harmful chemicals from your diet without paying supermarket prices. You can really save hundreds of dollars growing your own organic food.





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